How to Rate Home Computers

Even though prices have fallen sharply in recent years, a personal computer is still a major purchase. With that in mind, computer users should compare computers before making a purchase. There are a number of important factors to consider when purchasing a new computer, and it is important to consider each of those factors as you shop.


Make sure you know the minimum required specifications for the operating system you will be using. Make sure that you have at least twice the minimum requirements in both areas to make sure your operating system will run efficiently.

Compare the hard-drive size on each computer you are considering. The price of storage has dropped quite a bit, so the minimum hard-drive size you should consider is 500 GB. Purchasing a computer with 750 GB or 1 TB of storage space will give you plenty of room to grow.

Look for a computer with a quality DVD burner. Most new computers come with DVD burners as standard equipment, but if you plan to watch movies on your computer a Blu-ray DVD player can be a worthwhile upgrade.

Make sure the computers you are considering have a fast processor. Processor speed is an important consideration, since a faster processor will be able to handle many different tasks simultaneously. It is often worth spending a little more on a computer to get one with a top-speed processor.

Open as many programs as you can on the display computer at the store. Open several browser windows, as well as some office productivity programs. After all of those programs are open, right-click on the taskbar and choose "Task Manager" from the menu. Click on the "Performance" tab and watch the graph move. Watch for spikes in the CPU usage that could indicate a lack of system resources.

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