Facebook New Face Detection for Uploaded Photos

Facebook made tagging and sharing photos easier with its new face detection algorithm, a nifty little feature Facebook acquired when it purchased Divvyshot back in April. No more clicking on photos to select the faces of your friends as the new face identify feature will scan your uploaded photos and automatically select the faces in the photo.

If you have a Facebook profile, you've probably seen tagged images of you that you feel aren't accurate representations of your real-life person. The good thing is that tagging is boring and time consuming so a lot of people don't bother. Well, you better hope they don't find Facebook's new feature too convenient. Though it's not quite as drastic as Picasa's characteristic, which uses facial identification to automatically tag faces that you've tagged in the past, Facebook is making it easier to tag people with the introduction of facial recognition technology. Before, you had to select someone's face and then type in their name. Now, Facebook is automatically picks out the faces in photographs and just asks you for the name.

Over 100 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, making the social networking site something of a clearinghouse for random holiday snaps. Of course, those holiday snaps quite often contain people, and it’s in tagging those people that the whole process of adding photos to Facebook slows down a bit. The process is being automated, thanks to recent Facebook acquisition Divvyshot.
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