Common errors in Windows

Whether you like or do not want the computer still failed to appear and hinder your work. Some errors are not serious and not much to influence the process used. Knowledge of these errors and how to overcome them is the knowledge and computer users should have.

1. Error "caused a general protection fault in module.
This is a GPF error (General Protection fault - an error general protection) that destroyed the operating system, one in serious error caused the blue screen. You can see GPF error if a program is trying to write data to a storage area restrictions, or system error of memory needed to implement a function is.
Solutions GPF error is rebooting the computer. As causes of this phenomenon so many difficult to determine precisely the origin cause problems. Resolve the most basic is uninstall all the software and hardware in the nearest time, perform maintenance on the system overall, and implementation of a "clean boot".

2. Error "Rundll: error loading. The modle specified could not be found ".
Error message "Rundll" appears when Windows can not determine the position that a file it should download. Error may be related to software not remove all, or driver error, virus, or spyware.
Solutions you need to do is run kill spyware applications (such as Ad-ware and Spybot Search & Destroy) and then the virus scanning system. If error related to a software installation, please uninstall the software from. Finally, you need to start your computer in clean mode to determine the command line causes the error.

3. Error "Can not find the file (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available ".
Just a headache, error messages may be symptoms of a small event, such as mistakenly deleting files, or a large event, such as the virus has spread throughout the system . You need to do a virus scan and reinstall the program-related files (file) missing. If the error still occurs, use My Computer or Windows Explorer to determine the exact name and location of the file.
This error can only happen when you double-click the shortcut on the Desktop. If this is the case, then simply click on the shortcut, select Properties, then type the exact name and path in the Target.

4. "Windows Update has encountered an error and can not display the requested page."
A common error related to the installation of the latest upgrade for Windows. This error prevents you access to the Web site upgrade Windows Update ( How to fix this?
In most cases, you can correct the error set by the latest IE. In addition, users of Windows XP and Windows 2000 should install the latest service pack for the operating system. In Windows XP, you need to activate the automatic upgrade Automated Updates (open Control Panel, select Performance And Maintenance, System, select the Automatic Updates tab, then select the Automatic).

5. "Windows encountered an error Accessing the System Registry. Windows will restart and repair the system Registry for you. "
Registry is a database storage system configuration and reference users, they are very sensitive and with any dangerous operation is made for Windows is "do break". We can use the solutions below ...
Create an empty space on the Windows installation drive (minimum of 10%). Delete the old file is not used to. Next use the Windows Me and Windows XP need to restore the computer and the initial state until the problem occurs. Clicking on Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. When you open System Restore utility, you select Restore My Computer To An Early Times, click Next, and select a time of need recovery (day occurred before the error message), then follow the instructions.

Operating System help and support

The mix of applications

We do not recommend that you ignore the applications are using. If you are a graphic designer, working in 3dsmax, you will see many advantages when property has a CPU speed even with all other components such as memory ...

Even so, most people are not using the application form. That is why we need to consider the problem of mixed applications. For applications requiring strict but do not use regularly, you also do not constitute a leadership that CPU must meet.

Issues mixed applications in an angle that can be a burden for the processor even more than one application depth, the processor core application specific. So it is mixed application will create a big difference for the choice of CPU will work how.

Understand your application

Do you know the applications of their work like? Easily notice that, applications will need Word CPU less than Photoshop. In other words, if a user of Photoshop former you like a system has more memory or hard drive more than first complete CPU. Even to the applications in the computer game different, may need to manifold. For example, a shooter may prefer to have a great graphics card.

So take a moment to research the most common applications of how you will be much useful, not only select a set of processors of the best that can modify the system and applications for the best results.

Considering the background tasks

You are using Windows XP or Windows Vista? To consider your Task bar. In my Task bar with 8 icons of the application of lightweight, they are all very useful and necessary. You should also try to review Task manager. Often have large numbers of applications and services running in the background later. Many things are in idle mode, but some other continuously occupied lost a cycle of CPU processing.

Obviously you can really turn off all unnecessary services. But the system is when I do it idle will help you assess the needs of you. Background tasks will not matter for CPU choice but you also need to know to minimize CPU use for this task.

Other users need

If you have other people share a computer, they have their own ID, you may need to consider what they need. Can all you need to do with computers as writing an email, perform a small calculation and web surfing. Wife or husband but you are using software as a serious software such as Photoshop, the child of your preferred gaming machine. What their needs may need to set a good processor for the system, and clearly far beyond the needs of your needs. This shows that not always depend on you.

The less known features in Windows 7

First impressions of the test version of Windows 7 suggest that the new operating system will not cause a landslide. Number seven has a few nice features that enrich the interface. If you can shake 'with the mouse to non-active windows immediately to minimize. Only the selected window is still open. The function is handed over to a full screen application windows to be cleaned up immediately to grasp gadgets on your desktop live.

The Shake feature works only if the Aero interface enabled. Another little discussed feature in Windows 7 is an index that indicates how stable your computer. The Reliability Monitor hides in the new Windows Solutions Center, a component that gives users tools to solve problems. The Reliabilty Monitor delivers a score of 0 to 10 (where'10 'stands for stable) and is based on a measurement by the Ractask component of a long time. A first score appears only after several hours, but longer term there may be a stability review weekly, monthly or even annual basis be requested. A third feature is exposed in the Credential Manager. This is an ingrained 'safe' for log-ins, passwords and certificates - for example, largely similar to the Keychain in Mac OS X.

The first signs of an early Windows 7 feature complete version to observe. It does not last long. Soon is Microsoft's public beta version of the successor to Windows Vista. Windows 7 is the first operating system that is written according to a new protocol. For several components, new features to be completely written before they are added to the overall build. For other components (such as explorer) are features which previously added because they have a major impact on all other parts. In some cases, these features turned off. (but to unlock). This new approach ensures that the quality and number of public build may be limited. Since only complete feature will be added to Microsoft most likely a single Beta build. Normally the latest beta build of Windows the feature complete version, that can be started with the crush of bugs in the Release Candidate versions. Of course this is all highly speculative, because Windows Vista introduces a substantially new code base for many components, which may be more robust than the code bases of previous versions of Windows.

How to repair computer by your self ?

Every day, most of people all over the world faces the problems with their personal computers. Some computer problems are easier to repair and some others are very difficult. Just as with automobile repairs, there are some steps you should follow when repairing your personal computer by your own. You can do yourself, and save you from having to pay for costly repairs in a computer repair shop.

Generally there are two types of problems that you can encounter when operating your computer. These problems either may be problems with software, or problems with hardware.

The first step to use when you are facing problem with your computer and want to repairing it is the process of elimination. If your computer is running much more slowly than usual, or giving many error messages, try closing any programs that you currently are not using. Leaving programs opened when they are not in use can cause your computer to become unstable and sluggish.

If you have closed your unused programs and still facing same slow operating system or intermittent error messages, close every open program and reboot your computer once. Rebooting your computer clears system resources such as unused memory and hard disk space that programs and files take up. You can delete temporary files and folder. Even you can run the disk cleanup utility:

> Start
> All Program
> Accessories
> System Tools
> Disk Cleanup

If you still encounter errors with software, then you can try un-installing the application, or upgrading to the latest version of the application and device drivers.

After rebooting the computer, delete any un-wanted files that you do not need anymore such as old word processing documents, files in your Internet history, and Internet cookies. Keeping old and unused files on your hard drive, especially your Internet browsing history, Internet temporary files and cookies. It is possibility that your computer could became infected with spyware and viruses. In that case you would have to full scan your all files such as word processing documents and pictures in the future, move them to a removable storage device such as a floppy disk CD-ROM or a jump drive.
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